Corporate Relation, Employability, Placement and Training (CREPT) Cell has been formed in the campus consisting of the Training and Placement Officers and faculty representatives of various colleges in the campus. CREPT cell aims at developing corporate relations by continous interaction with various industries and thereby creating visibility of the campus and students in the corporate sector. Through these efforts companies are being approached for recruitment, internship, expert lectures and other professional collaborations.

CREPT team endeavours to instill in students an attitude of continuous learning and prioritizing to further their careers. The training programmes developed by the CREPT team intend to equip students with relevant employability skills, which include not only technical but also managerial skills. The team has initiated various training programs to improve students’ employability skills. Students are also trained in Aptitude Tests, Technical Skills, Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. These training programmes make students understand what is employability, various skills required to be employed, expectations of industry from freshers, etiquettes, professional behaviour and ethical workplace practices.