Chairman’s Message


Today India is counted among the fast developing nations of the world. Indians are at the forefront in various fields all over the globe. Our youth need the right direction and education so that they will make the name of our motherland shine bright on the global map. With this in mind Aldel Education Trust decided to establish St. John College of Engineering and Management (SJCEM) at Palghar, so as to provide an opportunity to the semi-urban and rural youth of Palghar and the surrounding districts in Maharashtra to develop and create a better tomorrow.

The vision of our Trust is –

‘Excellence in Serving to Educate,
and Educating to Serve’

We envision the development of an institution that provides highly proficient technical education and knowledge so as to produce pioneers willing to serve the nation. It is our mission to inculcate in our students good human values and provide them opportunities to realise their potential to the fullest.

“Nothing is easy if you don’t want to do it, Nothing is difficult if you want to do it”.

Every student at St. John College of Engineering and Mangement has come with a vision of becoming a successful engineer and manager. It is our mission to fulfill the yearning of these young aspirants and we shall strive to do our best in this regard.

Aldel Education Trust, in the primitive stages of development itself, has provided for state-of-the-art infrastructure and all the facilities needed for the engineering courses. It is not only teaching, but also cocurricular and extracurricular activities that shall be provided for our Institution will be known not only as a seat of academic learning, but an institution that develops each and every aspect of a student’s personality. It will be one of SJCEM’s proudest moments to see our students passing out as graduate engineers not only ready for the corporate world, but also better human beings to help in the development of society. I wish St. John College of Engineering and Management and every person associated with it all the best in every endeavour.